Oct 22, 2021 • 30M

The Importance of Data Science Course Staff (feat. Suraj Rampure)

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Berkeley Data Science
In this space, you will hear from a variety of distinguished Data Science educators and professionals. The individuals we’ll speak with are diverse in experience and perspective, but share the common goal of shaping the future of Data Science Education! Transcripts available at https://datascienceeducation.substack.com/
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“[An] important thing to realize is that different schools in different places or at different levels have different student bodies, different needs and goals. So I think it’s important that people across the globe share their content so that people at different institutions that are looking to introduce Data Science have a good sense of the different ways that they could introduce Data Science and teach these ideas because the same course is not going to work everywhere for all types of students.”

In this episode, Suraj Rampure, a lecturer at the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute at UCSD and recent UC Berkeley graduate, shares his experience with Data Science instruction. When reflecting on his experiences, he speaks on the importance of student teaching assistants in developing content based on student perspective and experience. Suraj also discusses enhancing the course offerings at UC San Diego in order to cope with the shift to virtual learning and to attract more students.

With regard to data literacy, he notes “a lot of them [students] will use tools that we’re giving them to do what they were going to do anyway but with a quantitative lens... it’s about bridging the gap with other disciplines.”

Check out Suraj’s website, with open access to his application materials for teaching faculty positions.

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